The Office of the Seneschal

The Seneschal of Insulae Draconis.

The job of an SCA seneschal is the chief administrative officer of a branch of the SCA.

During the Middle Ages, particularly in France, a seneschal was the King’s representative charged with controlling the administration and dispatching justice in specific districts. It was also a term often used to describe the person in charge of the household for the nobles and as such, duties could range from supervising feasts and domestic ceremonies to dispensing justice. The job of an SCA seneschal is much the same; they are the chief administrative officer of a branch of the SCA. It is similar to “Club President” in many ways.


The Seneschal’s main concern is making sure the Principality is running smoothly. They are the goto for the Seneschals of local branches to bring concerns, administrative business and suggestions to. The Seneschal is the person charged with responsibility for the modern legal affairs of the Principality.

Keeping the Principality running smoothly is by no means a task for one individual. It takes a consolidated group of officers who have specific responsibilities. It is the cooperation of these officers that keeps things together so the populous of Insulae Draconis can concentrate on having fun.

The Seneschal also advises the Insulae Draconis Prince and Princess on matters of Corpora, Kingdom Law, and Principality Law, aids in composing Parliament agenda and sometimes chairs the Parliament. They also ensure that the electronic copies of the law are up to date and is responsible for distributing them to anyone requesting them via electronic format.

Contact the Seneschal

Dame Lyonet de Covenham
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