What is heraldry, and how do I get involved?

Heralds bring magic to the society: we often turn things from a modern experience into an authentic medieval one. We do this in several ways.

Heraldry in the SCA

Book Heraldry

This is the study and research of names (onomastics) and devices (coats of arms), helping people register their personae (the medieval person that they are acting as within the Society) names and devices with the College of Heralds.

How to submit a name or device

Field Heraldry

This is calling announcements at events - so we can all forget our phones for a while - and heralding tourneys, announcing the progress and the victors to the assembled crowd. We also use heraldry to decorate our halls, fields and equipment, from tabards to chests to thrones.

War tabard/surcoat design - War standard design - Cross stitch patterns

Court Heraldry

This is running formal courts effectively and enjoyably, getting business done and adding to the pageantry of the scene. Here you become the voice of the Crown, making the day very special for those you call upon.

Order of Precedence

Insulae Draconis Book of Ceremonies

Awards in Insulae Draconis and the Kingdom of Drachenwald

Behaviour around the royal couple

Founding Order members

SCA Heraldry Pages

For heralds taking registrations: heraldic receipt