The Dragons' Flight

An Archery Competition for the Dragon Isles

The Dragons’ Flight

The competition began during the reign of Their Highnesses Alexandre and Eularia and was introduced by the Lt. Gen. Of Archers AS 49, the Lord Yannick of Normandy. The Dragons’ Flight shall test both the consistency of skill in a Portsmouth as well as accuracy at a distance in a Royal Round. The highest combined score shall win the day. The competition shall run for the duration of the reign of Their Highnesses, from Coronet to Coronet. The winner shall be announced at Coronet. When, at Their Highnesses pleasure, the competition shall begin anew.

Dragons Flight quiver There is a travelling trophy, ‘The Dragons’ Flight Quiver’ for the victor and tokens for second and third. The quiver and Medals made by Yannick of Normandy The Victor shall carry the Dragons’ Flight Quiver for the duration of the next competition when either they shall present the trophy to the latest Victor or arrange for a representative to do so in their stead. The Victor shall abstain from entering the competition for the duration of their tenure as Dragons’ Flight champion.

Competition Rules

The Competition runs from Coronet to Coronet, finishing the immediate Thursday prior to the Day of the Coronet Tourney at Midnight. The Competition is open to anyone resident in ID for the duration of the Season (Reign).

Dragons Flight quiver All scores submitted through the Insulae Draconis Lt. Gen. Office will be entered automatically so if your local practice or event scores are being submitted you don’t need to worry - if you want to check, get in touh with your local marshal.

  • The Format is best Portsmouth and best Royal Round combined.
  • Open bows will have a 15% Handicap in line with the Drachenwald Competition.
  • Entrants may post multiple scores but only the highest will count.
  • Entrants must post both a Royal Round Score and a Portsmouth to be eligible to win.
  • Both scores will be converted to a percentage of the maximum possible score for each shoot, the percentages then added together, making the final score out of 200. N.B. (The Royal Round is assumed to be 2 Dozen arrows (240 points) and is weighted so that the Period Master score break points for both a Royal Round and a Portsmouth are worth the same when expressed as a percentage).

The Dragons’ Flight Competition Winners for the reign of Yannick and Alana AS 52

  • First Place, Kathryn of Dun in Mara 110 points
  • Second Place, Lady Alays de Lunel 109 points
  • Third Place, Lord Aodhan Dha Cheist 92 points

Congratulations all! See all the Final Standings in Excel

The Dragons’ Flight Competition Winners for the reign of Pól and Caitriona AS 51

  • First Place: HH Alana Utterich 122 points
  • Joint Second Place: Lord Aodhán Dha Cheist
  • Lady Haesel of Bernslai 111 points
  • Third Place: Lady Ester of Dun in Mara 102 points

The Dragons’ Flight Competition Winners for the reign of Alexandre and Eularia AS 50

  • First Place: Lord Micheál of Dun In Mara 156 points
  • Second Place: Lady Alana Utteritch 112 points
  • Third Place: Lady Haesel of Berneslai 108 points