Prince & Princess of Insulae Draconis

The Prince & Princess of Insulae Draconis represent the
King and Queen of Drachenwald in the Principality.

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Yannick of Normandy


Alana Utteritch

Photo, with kind permission from:Lady Kytte of the Lake
Interests: Interests:
Archery, Heavy Combat and Fencing. Armouring, Leatherworking, Pewtering, Blacksmithing, Woodworking. Enjoys music. Archery, heavy combat and fencing. Leatherworking, pewtering, learning how to make garb, inkle weaving.
Allergies: Food allergies: Chillies, as long as it is clearly listed, will avoid that dish DIABETIC! so basically nothing sweet, also low carbohydrate dishes are preferable. Will have to decline most sweet treats offered, but does reserve the right to glare at them longingly.
Pet allergies: Dogs and cats, most fluffy mammals. Cats especially. (Asthma and Hayfever)
Detergent and Aerosol allergies: Smelly stuff makes him stop breathing pretty quick.
Allergies: None
Preferences: Fish and Sauces Suitable for a Prince , meat pies, chicken, beef with cherries. Preferences: Venison, sausages, wine, ales, fruit liquors, shiny things
Dislikes: Vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, rabbit, lamb Dislikes Lamb, fresh tomatoes, fish with heads, skin and bones

The Royal Household

The Royal Household

Chamberlain Viscountess Susannah of York
Royal Dresser Lady Haesel of Bernslai
Head Lady in Waiting Lady Kytte of the Lake
Captain of the Guard: Lady Eleanor of Dovebridge
Prince's Heavy Champion Lord Joel Ben Stuart
Princess's Heavy Champion Lady Gytha Ui Bhanain
Prince's Rapier Champion TBA
Princess's Rapier Champion Lord Jasper Rose
Prince's Archery champion Lord Aodhan Dha Cheist
Princess's Archery Champion Lady Alays de Lunel
Royal Raconteur Lady Allessandra di Riario d'Aretino

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