Knight Marshal

The Knight Marshal of Insulae Draconis reports to the Kingdom Earl Marshal and oversees all aspects of heavy combat within Insulae Draconis.

The Knight Marshal is also the Regional Deputy, responsible for assisting the Kingdom Earl marshal with all aspects of marshal combat including both heavy and equestrian activities. He also works closely with the Regional fencing and archery marshals to insure all marshal activities operate within the guidelines of Kingdom Law.

The Knight Marshal enforces the Rules of the Lists and Conventions of Combat of the Kingdom and works with the Royalty of Drachenwald, the Kingdom Earl Marshal and ID Viceroy to review and regulate all aspects of weapons, armour and safety.

The Knight Marshal authorises fighters, is responsible for maintaining shire reports and authorizations as well as training and maintaining a core of marshals to meet the needs of Insulae Draconis.



Knight Marshal:

Duncan Kerr (Robert Garnett)

Telephone: +44 (0)7901547047
Address: 22 Viewforth Ave,
KY1 3BL,
United Kingdom


Local Knight Marshals & Fight Practices

Reports & Deadlines
  • knight marshal reports - Due quarterly (15th of January, April, July & October)
  • MIC report - Due within 1 Week of the end of event.
  • Authorization Form - after each authorisation

  • Rules

  • Kingdom Rules
  • Updates to rules (not included in above)