The Exchequer is responsible for the Insulae Draconis Treasury and maintains the financial policy(ies) in accordance with SCA and Kingdom requirements.

The Exchequer submits financial statements to the Insulae Draconis Viceregal couple and The Baelfyr at the beginning of each new Insulae Draconis Viceregal couples reign.

They also audit the bank accounts held by the Chronicler on a per annum basis for “Final Doomsday Report” and Work with the Council of Regalia for prudent care of Insulae Draconis regalia.




Ariel Lindisfarne (Ellen Rawson)

Address: 3 Campion Way
SO41 9LS


Insulae Draconis Exchequer's Stuff

The Insulae Draconis Exchequer's Policy can be downloaded here. (updated June 2011)
For a list of the Insulae Draconis Budget click here.

For a guild on how to open a shire bank account click here. And finally, there's a guide to filling out Event Report Forms.

Exchequer Forms

To access the reporting forms please go to the Kingdom Exchequer page.*

* Kingdom wide forms are only downloadable from the kingdom website now so that you always get the most up to date forms available.