The Chronicler edits, publishes and mails The Baelfyr (the Insulae Draconis Newsletter), provides copies of Insulae Draconis Law as ordered by members of the populace provided prior payment is received.

The Chronicler supervises other newsletters within ID, ensuring courtesy copies are provided to the Crown and Kingdom Chronicler.

Additionally, the chronicler also works with the Exchequer to maintain a bank account solely for the publishing and distribution of The Baelfyr.




Amphelise de Wodeham




The Baelfyr is the newsletter for the Principality of Insulae Draconis. Please contact the Chronicler at the above address to subscribe, submit material for publication, submit a complaint about a publication, and any other query you may have on this newsletter.



Subscriptions to the Baelfyr are free, now that it is being produced solely electronically. To receive a monthly PDF of the Baelfyr, please send the Chronicler an email with the heading "Baelfyr subscription".


Submitting Material

When you submit material, you may submit electronically, but please send me a signed copy of this Permission Form (PDF 75kb), at least the first time, for something of yours to be printed in the Baelfyr.

The chronicler invites submissions, including officers' letters, event announcements, articles, poetry, songs, photographs, artwork etc. Deadlines are the 20th of each month.


Scheduling Events

Since ID is starting to run a separate calendar of events, it is important that the seneschallate knows of scheduled events. Therefore, the kingdom has agreed to allow events to be channelled through ID. Please use this link to schedule an event because both ID and the kingdom will get a copy of the request Principality laws: These are available elsewhere on this website. If you require a paper copy, please contact Chronicler (details above).