The Chirurgeon maintains a warrant in good standing, knowledge and training that corresponds to the standard First Aid Certification from the American Red Cross.

The Chirurgeon maintains a list of the warranted and Apprenticed Chirurgeons.



Antonio di Rienzo (Thomas McKinnell)



Unto the Populace does the Insulae Draconis Chirurgeon send Greetings. For those of you with an interest in the Chirurgeonate and as a reference for those already in the process of working through the Warranting steps, the Chirurgeon's Guild is made up of four levels:

  1. Applicant/Assistant - those not active in providing first aid but willing to help the Chirurgeonate:

    • For members who are working on the criterion for Apprenticeship
    • Those who have let one or more of the four basic requirements lapse or fail to report twice in one year (Apprentices and Warranted alike)
    • Those who want to help but do not want or are not able to be Apprenticed or Warranted Chirurgeons as yet
    • Minors
    • Paperwork bunnies

  2. Apprentices - in training for Warrant and must have on file (or turn in copies to the Chirurgeon-in-Charge (C-I-C) at each event on duty) with the Isles Chirurgeon: Proof of current first aid certification (equivalent to American Red Cross first aid) up to 3 year validity

    • Proof of current Adult CPR certification (equivalent to American Red Cross CPR) up to 1 year validity, but will accept a two year renewal if stated on the certificate

    • Proof of current SCA membership with access to kingdom newsletter at your residence

    • Proof of legal age of majority in the country in which you reside

  3. Warranted - able to provide unsupervised first aid within the SCA setting once the following are completed and maintained: " successful Apprenticeship (at least 4 positive evaluations on file with Isles Chirurgeon) under supervision of a Warranted Chirurgeon referred to as either:

    • Journeyman
    • Master
    • Complete required paperwork on time
    • Sign-in at events (with authorisation card) if on duty
    • Casualty reports for treatment or supply requests
    • Quarterly reports

Advisor - former Master Chirurgeons who can no longer perform the physical side of first aid to sufficiently maintain current certifications but who's knowledge and experience with the Chirurgeonate is of great benefit to the Guild.

Chirurgeon Handbook
Sports Medicine Course Notes
Reporting Requirements
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