Archery Marshal

The Archery Marshal (Lieutenant General of Archers) is a lesser officer reporting to the Kingdom Captain General of Archers.

Under the direction of the Captain General of Archers, the Archery Marshal oversees archery activities within Insulae Draconis.



Archery Marshal:

Lady Constanza of Thamesreach (Genny Grim)

(Please contact by email for postal address)


Local Archery Marshals

Archery Policies

Archery Rules

Marshal Report Form

ID Archery shoots

  • Introducing The Doole
  • The Dragons' Flight
  • The Grand Æringunnr
  • The Grand Melusine

  • Other SCA Archery Shoots

  • IKAC (Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition)
  • Midrealm Winter Archery Challenge