Insulae Draconis Navy


Insulae Draconis has its own navy and is now recruiting.  The Insulae Draconis Navy is part of the Drachenwald Navy but under the command of the Prince and Princess with funds raised going to the Principality travel fund.

There are three ranks available;

  • Admiral: for control over any requested area not already controlled by an Admiral within the waters that surround Insulae Draconis.  If you wish you be an Admiral for waters outside of this, please contact the Drachenwald Navy.
  • Captain: Command of a named ship i.e. HHS Endeavour (which for Drachenwald Navy would be HMS Endeavour).  You may also have a nicknames for the ships to allow people to have fun with them i.e. the Black Pearl.
  • Letter of marque and reprisal: for persons who do not wish to join the regular navy but feel a honourable calling that combines patriotism and profit.

Admiral: £20 / 25€, valid for five years, for a specific region (was previously £25)
Captain: £16 / 20€, valid for five years, for a specific ship (was previously £20)
Letter of marque and reprisal: £15 / 20€, valid until revoked, for a specific ship

Commissions come with a PDF format letter of commission but a personalised one from the scribes are on offer for an additional fee.

Clerk of the Insulae Draconis Navy

The Navy Clerk organises, maintains commissions of the Insulae Draconis Navy.

Clerk of the Navy

Clerk of the Navy:

Pól ó Briain (Paul O'Brien )

Address: 10 Arindale,
Co Antrim
Northern Ireland
BT67 0SY

Below you will find a variety of links to Navy resources. Feel free to contact me with any queries you may have on the subject of Navy within our Principality.