Events Calendar

A full list of events can be found on the Drachenwald kingdom event calendar

Please use this event request form to schedule an event in Insulae Draconis (because it notifies the ID seneschal and deputy while sending the request directly to kingdom)
Please contact the Webminister for questions and queries about the online calendar on this site and for addition to the event pinned post on Facebook.

Full details of Insulae Draconis events are published in the Baelfyr.

Please click on arrow next to 'Agenda' in the upper righthand corner of the calendar to see what the different colours mean.
  • Shire Revels are meant to be informal get togethers, as in the monthly shire revels that some groups hold. With rare exceptions, these dates may clash with other events.
  • Approved events are those that seneschals have sent to the Chronicler via the date request form.
  • Practices are fighter practices.
  • Proposed means that an event may happen on that day.