Already Booked for fFair Rhaglen XIV

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Raise now your standards, good folk of the Worlde,
And into the wind send your banners unfurled!

Gather your household, and bid them to heed,
Let none of them hinder this message’s speed;

A wave of great gladness these tidings give,
News of tents and of tourney: Raglan Fair lives!

Already Booked

HRM King Vitus Polonius
HRM Queen Isabel Peregrinus
HRH Delia of Ely
Bella Donna
Nero Lupo
James of Flintheath
Zeva of Flintheath 
Wolfram von Falkenstein
Alessandra di Riario
Myfanwy Bullen
Edmund fitz John de Ocham
Richard of Salesberie
Julian ferch Luned
Pernel Chaloner 
Maredudd ap Gwylim
Eularia Trewe
Alexandre d'Avignon
Agatha of Norwich
Alex of Long Riston
Alexander Pologrinus
Thomas Pologrinus
Alexa Pologrinus
John of Thamesreach
Valda KevinsDottir